Because Math is one of the most important subjects that children study, we recognize the various abilities of students for advanced learning while grounding all students in the rudimentary rules. While understanding the need for individual growth and leaving room for imaginative solutions, hard work and practice are the only proven techniques for learning the fundamentals of math and that is how we teach it at St. Francis.

The Mathematics Program at St. Francis Xavier includes a math enrichment program for students in Grades 5-8 who are capable of accelerating their pace of learning in this content area.


Integrated Language Arts

The Integrated Language Arts Program includes the following areas of instruction: Reading, Writing, Grammar, Handwriting, Library Skills, Phonics, Study Skills and Research Skills.



Geography is an important subject that studies “where things are, why they are there, and how they relate to people’s lives. It is the study of space and distance and movement, of the interplay between nature and man, between tribe and tribe and nation and nation.”7 Geography is a vital part of history as it adds the where and some of the why to historical events. St. Francis Xavier School understands this complementary role and emphasizes competency in geography as part of the core curriculum.


Social Studies
The cultural and historical areas of Philadelphia provide a readily available background for the social studies program at SFXS.
Science & Technology

The modern world is increasingly shaped by scientific discoveries and we know that good citizenship in the 21st century requires scientific literacy. The School seeks to capture the imagination of children in the world of science while integrating that knowledge with other subject areas. Regarding the arts and music, our School strives to integrate an understanding for the history and importance of the arts in influencing human achievement and development with other subjects like history and geography. Whenever possible we try to include an active participation that helps to discover and develop the child’s interest and talent. An integrated and expanded music program is a future developmental priority at the School.

The School has two computer labs. One is used for remedial study and practice. Typing and word processing are critical skills for employment and that is our primary emphasis. Other computer skills taught include research, presentation, and the fundamentals of programming.



The music program at St.Francis Xavier School includes music theory, movement and dance, singing, liturgical music and instrumental music for those who wish to take lessons.



In addition to having proximate access to one of the country’s foremost art museums, the students at SFXS receive weekly instruction in the basics of art theory and design and have many opportunities to express their creativity through artistic expression.


A devout Catholic school, students at St. Francis Xavier are also exposed to daily prayer, attend mass weekly and Catholic students receive the sacraments- Penance, First Communion and Confirmation.

The Religion Program at SFX School is at the heart of the curriculum. Following the directives of the Office of Catholic Education of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, our teachers also incorporate the Religion Essentials and Peacemaking initiatives of the Sisters of IHM, who influenced our school for so long.

Extra-Curricular Activities

At St. Francis Xavier School, children have the opportunity to learn and/or participate in the following: 

  • Dance (classic and modern)
  • Musical instruments
  • Learn to Row (at the Malta Boat Club)
  • Gardening (in conjunction with the Horticultural Society)
  • Art (in conjunction with the Philadelphia Museum of Art)
  • The Great Books program
  • A wide variety of sports (baseball, softball, volleyball and basketball)
  • A summer day camp (staffed by members of the faculty)