Listed below are donor options grouped into two categories: Individual Donors and Associate Donors. We ask that you consider which (if any) of these options is appropriate for you.

Click here to donate online using PayPal. To donate via regular mail, please click this link to download the donation form print it, fill it out and send it to the address at the bottom of the printed form.

We will thank all donors by name in our newsletter later this year. The names of the donors who participate in an Associate capacity will appear on our SFXSF Roll of Honor which will be on display near the entrance of the school. Every donation, regardless of amount, demonstrates to others your commitment to the ministry of Catholic Education at Saint Francis Xavier School.

Individual Donor Options




Associate Donor Options

$250 – $499 (Partner In Education)

$500 – $999 (Benefactor)

$1000 and above (Guardian)

In a true sense, Saint Francis Xavier School Fund (SFXSF) proceeds constitute a financial scholarship spread across the Saint Francis Xavier School student body. Beginning in the spring of 1994, and continuing every year since then, an annual giving campaign has been conducted in support of the Saint Francis Xavier School Fund (SFXSF). The SFXSF was established to facilitate the maintenance and improvement of the school and its program without raising tuition to prohibitive levels. Each year all readers of our SFX Alumni & Friends Association Newsletter (SFX A&FA News) are afforded the opportunity to contribute to the SFXSF annual giving campaign. Cumulative donations to SXFSF now exceed $800,000 To date, the SFXSF has been an unqualified success. Even a brief review of the SFXSFs record gives one cause for optimism about the fund and the schools future. The annual campaign totals for SFXSF are as follows:

1994 $11,990 1995 $10,500 1996 $15,875 1997 $19,295
1998 $22,800 1999 $21,210 2000 $24,600 2001 $93,100
2002 $29,260 2003 $36,100 2004 $32,825 2005 $35,470
2006 $46,135 2007 $52,630 2008 $35,060 2009 $35,055
2010 $54,469 2011 $37,612 2012 $42,010 2013 $38,580
2014 $47,075 2015 $46,000 2016 $52,175

SFXSF 2017 Update

As of September 15, the SFXSF 2017 fund has received $39,465. The campaign continues until September 30, 2017.