For the 2015-2016 school year, St. Francis Xavier had 210 students enrolled in grades Pre-K through 8. We have a diverse student body by ethnicity and religion.

Enrollment at St. Francis School is limited. At the present time there is only one class per grade and typically there is a waiting list. Please contact the School Principal Dolores Butler at 215-763-6564 or fill out the form on the website for additional information.

How To Apply

Please contact the Principals office for registration information. Annually, at the time of registration, a $75 non-refundable processing fee is required (for all students). For new students (those registering at the School for the first time), once they are accepted, a non-refundable deposit equal to one months tuition will be required. The deposit is credited towards the last tuition payment of the year. If either the July or August tuition payments are not paid on time, the childs space will be forfeited so that someone on the waiting list can be enrolled promptly.

Tuition 2015-2016

St. Francis Xavier Parish and Cathedral Students:
One child – $4,400.00 – $440.00 per month*
Two children $7,000.00 – $700.00 per month*
Three children $8000.00 – $800.00 per month*

Non-Parishioners and Non-Eligible Parishioners:
One child – $5,390.00 – $539.00 per month*
Two children – $10,450.00 – $1,045.00 per month* 
Three children – $15,570.00 – $1,557.00 per month*

$4,550.00 per child ½ day – $455.00 per month*
$5,520.00 per child full day – $552.00 per month*

If a child in pre-k has an older brother or sister in the upper grades, please use the following amount for tuition rate:
$4,475.00 per child ½ day – $447.50 per month*
$5,445.00 per child full day – $544.50 per month*

*Payable in 10 monthly installments. To determine monthly payment, divide above totals by 10.

Some financial aid is available. You can go online at to complete the application. If you are interested in applying for admission to St. Francis Xavier School click here or contact the school at 215.763.6564.

The deadline for financial aid applications to be submitted is Friday, April 15, 2016.